Natural Sparkling Hemp Beverage

Here at Cloud Water, we believe in living life stress-free. We created our Clouds based on the need for a beverage that will provide a sense of relaxation when things get a little hectic, but what we ended up with is a product that does so much more. 

Our co-founder Barry discovered the magic of CBD at a party in LA and was excited by the possibilities but put off by the taste. Recognizing the potential for a better-tasting CBD infused beverage, he gathered together his good friend Marc, a successful entrepreneur and his sister, a long time flavor scientist, to help with his vision. After creating great tasting samples using only the highest quality ingredients for a premium and transparent experience, Cloud Water was born. 

Infused with 25mg of non-psychoactive CBD isolate, Cloud Water can help take the chaos out of your Monday morning, hydrate after an intense workout or to boost your mood when you’re feeling down – the possibilities are endless.

Our Clouds come in 3 delicious flavors that are derived from all-natural ingredients, sweetened with raw honey and only 40 calories per 12oz bottle. You will not find any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors or flavors here. And our 100% recyclable aluminum bottles are thoughtfully designed for re-seal so you can enjoy a Cloud anytime, anywhere.

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD and contains no THC*, so when you drink a Cloud Water you will not feel like you’re on Cloud 9. Cloud Water will be a wonderful part of your daily routine or a happy go-to in times of special need. Stay hydrated, motivated and elevated with us.

*it’s true, check out our lab results here.