A few years ago, I had a health scare that led me to challenge how I was taking care of myself. I wasn't looking for a cure, but a way to manage day-to-day life: for myself, my family, and for the people I love. As I experimented with healthier habits that worked for me like CBD, I quickly realized that I became addicted to taking care of myself. I became obsessed with taking care of my health, yet I could also live life on my terms. That could mean staying up late for poker night and still come back strong the next day to get right back to my healthy addiction - TAKING CARE OF ME - it was calling my name.

Cloud Water exists to offer that feeling to people. That feeling of empowerment to become addicted to their healthier selves in ways that support and encourage them to show up as they are.

CEO/Co-Founder, Marc Siden

About Cloud Water + CBD:

The only sparkling CBD drink that combines premium flavors with 25 mg of pure bioavailable hemp extract (CBD Isolate) and all-natural ingredients.

CBD has many benefits and can be incorporated into your daily routine. Key benefits may include relaxation, calming and a feeling of overall balancing of the body. It may also help with anxiety, sleep, and pain. 

About Cloud Water + Immunity:

Cloud Water + Immunity sparkling water is formulated with 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D3 & Zinc for immunity support when you need it most.

Vitamin D3 "the sunshine vitamin" promotes Calcium absorption for bone health and supports cell growth and immune function. Zinc is critical for immune cell development, supporting overall immunity and metabolism function. Certified Organic. Does NOT contain CBD.