We Tried These 4 CBD Drinks That Promise to Help You Unwind—Here Are Our Honest Thoughts

Combining all-natural botanicals with 25mg of pure bioavailable CBD, Cloud Water has made its goal to empower people to take their health into their own hands. 

Taking the top spot, on News Editor Jazmine A. Ortiz’s must-try list was the Aztec Chocolate & Strawberry ($65) flavor from the functional beverage brand. "There's something about the combination of chocolate and strawberry in a fizzy CBD drink that seems so wrong, but is SO right," she says with delight. She subbed in one of these for her occasional glass of wine in the evenings and felt a slight sense of stress-relief, but adds that she wasn't sure if it was just in her head. "Regardless if it's mental or not, I'll keep sipping!"